Senin, 24 Januari 2011

hello my name is wira :D

Hello my name is Wira Kelusa, my age 14 years old and now I have a class 3 junior high school at SMP NEGERI 02 MANDAU I was very happy to attend school there because my school have a nice building, complete facilities, and dedicated teacher and also not forgetting my friends very good and friendly each day we always study together, play together at school that I began to learn about many things ranging from the smallest to the largest and I love sports especially basketball Sports because I think basketball is very healthy and we can enjoy doing a lot of hhahahah women when we play with good I want to be a great athlete who can it the name of my country because I love Indonesia so I practiced basketball every week and I am also active in school basketball race
Among my profile about myself, thank you for reading

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